Obama Claims No Terrorist Attacks on His Watch

After spending eight years of your life as president, you'd like to have some happy accomplishments to be remembered for.  Nobody should expect a president to win them all, but it would be nice to see some initiatives succeed and leave a positive legacy.

Mr. Obama is having trouble in this regard.  In fact, the seriousness of his problem in finding positive components for his legacy has led him to claim things that are just not true.

For example, he would have us believe that there have been no terrorist attacks in America during his tenure as president.  Maybe he forgot these, for example:

  • Fort Hood Mass Shooting – November 5, 2009
  • San Bernardino Attack – December 2, 2010
  • Orlando Nightclub Shooting – June 12, 2016

It's great that the number and severity of terrorist incidents in America during the Obama regime were not greater than they were.  But his attempt to manufacture a great legacy through the use of falsehoods just doesn't cut it.

Source:  YouTube



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