Obama Blames ‘Geography’ for Democrats’ Terrible Election

Obama Blames ‘Geography’ for Democrats’ Terrible Election

Top Democrats still can't seem to figure out why their party did so terribly this election, but it's not that hard to figure out. The face of their party, Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate, and she dragged down the entire Democrat ballot.

This shouldn't surprise many Democrats. In 2008, Clinton lost the Democrat primary despite entering the race with a 30 point advantage over Barack Obama. In 2016, her decline was even more dramatic. She entered the race with a 70 point advantage and still nearly lost.

Clinton's lack of skill as a campaigner was probably enough to cost her party many seats in congress, but the fact that she was under criminal investigation by the FBI probably didn't help. Not to mention Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation.

Still, Barack Obama thinks there is a different reason that Democrats did so poorly — and it has nothing to do with Clinton.

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