Obama Admin: We Refuse To Accept North Korea As A Nuclear Power, Even Though It Is

Lee continued to press far after his initial question, causing John Kirby to trip on his own words and make himself look like an idiot, which didn’t actually seem all that difficult to do. Lee even brought up Crimea, saying that the U.S. government is refusing to admit that it’s part of Russia now, despite the fact that it is. You can read a piece of the exchange below.

MR KIRBY: I would challenge this idea that it’s a fantasy world. Just because – let me put it this way. At this level of foreign policy, you have to make choices. And you don’t have to accept everything —

QUESTION: You have to accept reality, though.

MR KIRBY: — even at face value. No, you – we are not going to accept North Korea as a nuclear-armed state, and we’re not going to recognize that. We are, however, going to deal with their efforts —

QUESTION: The fact that they are a nuclear-armed state.

MR KIRBY: — their efforts at developing that program.

QUESTION: Okay. Do you understand my confusion? I know this – I think it’s illogical to say that you’re not going to recognize them as a nuclear-armed state when, in fact, they are and you are operating in a way —

MR KIRBY: We are certain —

QUESTION: — to make them not a nuclear-armed state —

MR KIRBY: There’s a difference between —

QUESTION: — something that you say you don’t recognize.

MR KIRBY: There is a difference between dealing with what we know they’re developing and what we know they’re doing, and officially accepting or recognizing it.


MR KIRBY: There’s a big difference there and you understand that better than most, Matt, about the difference there.

Mr. Kirby is clearly delusional. With all of the denial he was doing, he failed to offer any facts that would make his claim believable. This type of denial has spread far beyond the state department and has actually become a foundation for how the current administration deals with foreign policy. North Korea is a nuclear-armed state, and they’re a very real threat, whether the Obama Administration cares to admit it or not.

Source: dailycaller.com



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