Oakland Protesters Hold Armed Carjacker as Martyr

The Oakland Police Department must have done something terribly awful to be charged with something as horrendous as genocide. What did they do this time? Blow the face off of a baby? Taser and choke a 12 year old? No, these are actual crimes committed by OTHER police departments. If these two incidents didn't get mass protests and civil unrest, then the crime warranting the chaos in Oakland last night must have been terrible.

Actually, no. While there are plenty of heinous acts committed by cops across this country, OPD was actually doing its job. The protests erupting in Oakland are over a violent armed thief who stole multiple cars. According to KRON4:

Oakland police are investigating an officer-involved shooting Wednesday afternoon.

It happened in the area of 27th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way, police said. Police did not say if the officers were injured in the gunfire.

An armed robbery suspect was taken to the hospital, according to police.

Police said at around 2:39 p.m., they found the suspect’s vehicle in the area of 69th Avenue and International Boulevard. Police pursued the vehicle to the area pf 27th and Martin Luther King Jr.

The driver then ran away from the vehicle after hitting another vehicle, and then tried to carjack another vehicle, police said. An Oakland police officer then shot the suspect, who police said was armed.


Hundreds of protesters are marching the streets of Oakland. While officials have not released the identity of the victim, protesters said his name is Joe Bart.

And according to social media reports, there have been reports of some vandalism. Several demonstrators burned a confederate flag while marching the streets.

Protesters had shut down Highway 980 but they have appeared to have cleared off.

That's right. Protests, blocked freeways, vandalism and more chaos over an armed car thief who police shot for their own safety and the safety of the community. This isn't some example of police overstepping their authority – this is police officers actually protecting and serving. A memorial has even been made for Bart.

All this over a car jacking thief.

Making an issue over cops actually doing their job is making a mockery of other legitimate issues. The crowds forming for the shooting of an actual criminal make the crimes actually committed every day by cops look like nothing.

Source: KRON 4




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