NY Courts: Migrants Allowed to Beat Women Due to ‘Cultural Incompetence’

NY Courts: Migrants Allowed to Beat Women Due to ‘Cultural Incompetence’

What is the line between understanding cultural or racial differences and holding all residents on U.S. soil to the same moral and legal standards?

The law used to be a cut and dried type of occupation. But, modernity has brought forth a new way of thinking in regards to both the law, democracy and the emerging lack thereof.

Judges in these so-called “progressive” countries are starting to permit rape, murder, and assault if the attackers are immigrants.

Here are just a few examples.

Australia letting a young migrant man off the hook for sexually assaulting 6 women as it was deemed he was just having a “sexual emergency” and his actions in alignment with his cultural upbringing.

The young Muslim woman from Chicago, right here in the U.S. that throw her newborn baby out of a 8 story building and walked away with ONLY 4 years of probation. No prison time or other appropriate sentencing.

And these sickening judicial lapses of reason, to put it liberally, are growing at a frightening speed and starting to occur all across the Western World.

Just look at this new case coming to light in Manchester NY involving a Congolese immigrant. Guess what demented criminal offenses are “a part of his culture”? And people wonder why crime rates are soaring! All of this and more on the next page

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