NY Cop Steals Pro 2nd Amendment Signs

NY Cop Steals Pro 2nd Amendment Signs

More and more law enforcement is proving to be thugs for our government, not police officers protecting and serving citizens.

Check out our earlier posts about sheriffs, who are of our constitution. ALL other law enforcement is created by statue and therefore servant of government, not the citizens!

This theft of this sign by Somers police dept. is outrageous!


A user on NYfirearms.com was fed up with having his sign taken down. The sign advocated the repeal of the NY SAFE Act, which was one of the strictest gun laws to date and a major infringement on 2nd amendment rights. After having his sign taken for the 4th or 5th time he decided to set up a trail cam or a deer cam to try to catch the thief in the act, and so he could report it to the authorities. Much to his surprise this is what he found. Now that this NY resident found out that it was actually the law enforcement that kicked over his sign and stole it he will have some decisions to make.


Source: gunsnfreedom.com
Photo: gunsnfreedom


Show your support by making a donation to his cause you can find more information at this thread.

Contact the Somers Police Dept. and share your discontent:


Michael Driscoll
Police Chief

100 Primrose Street
Route 139
Somers, NY 10589

Mailing Address:

335 Route 202, Somers, NY 10589




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