NSA Chief: We Must Prepare for This Inevitable Disaster

NSA Chief: We Must Prepare for This Inevitable Disaster

Citing  the threat of a high-tech cyber attack against the U.S.A.,  Michael Rogers, Director Admiral of the National Security Agency (NSA) warned attendees at a cyber-security conference of the very real threat of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapon, or EMP. An EMP  is an electrical pulse that is so strong it has the ability to knock out the entire power grid. Caught suddenly without power, the American people would face starvation, modern medical technology would be rendered useless and our nation's defenses would be down completely. Rogers warned the threat is not a matter of “if,” but “when”.

An exploding nuclear device high in the atmosphere, a cyber attack by hackers, even a solar flare in the right circumstances, could spell the inevitable downfall of our country.

This catastrophe could be avoided if the government would take the appropriate steps to protect the existing power grid and to find new energy sources that would not be extinguished. There have been many talks going on and not very much action.

To hear what the NSA Chief has to say about these imminent attacks and how our government isn't planning to stop it, see the video on the next page:


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