NSA Chief: We Must Start Preparing for the Inevitable Loss of our Power Grid

Taking down the power grid could happen in many ways. Truth and Action reports that the cyberattacks can happen through an Electromagnetic Pulse which is a short burst of energy that would fry all electronics. This pulse could also be brought about by exploding a nuclear device, or by a simple solar flare. But NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers warns that these types of attacks are imminent.

Read more about how 90 percent of the population could die from an EMP attack here.

Off the Grid News reports that NSA Director Rogers also believes that not only would the power grid cripple the lives of Americans, but it would also cripple the nation’s financial institutions.

“What are going to do as a society when you go to your bank account, and the numbers don’t match what you think they should be?” Rogers asked, according to FedScoop.com. “What do you do if your business does financial transactions, and they don’t reflect what you are seeing?”
The threat, Rogers added, is significant enough that private industry and the government – two sides that normally don’t cooperate – should work together to address vulnerabilities.
“I believe in the power of industry and what we have seen in the valley over the last decade,” he said. “We’re spending a lot of time talking to each other about what we can’t do. In many ways, we’re just talking past each other.”
Such an agreement is “fundamental to the very construct of our nation,” he added.
“These issues are so fundamental and so important to us as a nation, that I believe our citizens need leaders to say, ‘This is acceptable to us and this is not,’” Rogers said, according to FedScoop.com. “There is no solution without risk, I acknowledge that. It’s about how we try to minimize that risk and be upfront with each other.”

If a cyberattack hit tomorrow would the American population be prepared for such a disaster? Maybe not, but are you?





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