Norway’s Problem With Child Brides of Muslim Asylum Seekers

The issue at hand is the number of children forced into marriages. Some of them are expecting their second child at 18. The Norwegian authorities are waking up to this dilemma.
From The Local No:
“We are looking very seriously at children under 18 who are in danger of being subjected to sexual abuse, violence and forced actions. We are committed to helping these children and to preventing forced situations. These could be criminal cases,” Bufdir director Mari Trommald told NRK.
A 14-year-old pregnant girl crossed the Storskog border station in November with her 23-year-old husband and their 18-month-old child. Today, the two live separately and the 23-year-old is under police investigation.

It would be interesting to hazard a guess at how many young girls hide the fact they have been married from authorities. Also, it would be more interesting to find out how many males lie about having experiences with underage girls in order to get into western countries.

If this were a satirical website, we would take bets on how long before migrants start pushing for child marriage rights. This is not a satirical piece though and hopefully our leftists in the west can resist turning child marriage into a civil right. Time will tell.

Source: The Local No



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