North Korean Secret Underground Missile Complex Discovered

The estimated maximum range of North Korean missiles based on data from the BBC


Because the facility is underground, U.S. intelligence agencies will now have a difficult time with warning times for missile launches – the North Koreans can conduct mating of stages without the U.S. detecting anything.

The Sohae complex was used for two space launches that the Pentagon said were in reality long-range missile tests disguised as rocket launches in 2012.

Intelligence agencies are reporting with high confidence that North Korea is preparing for another launch for Sohaein the coming weeks.

The endpoint for the underground complex was revealed recently in a report by the think tank 38 North, part of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

According to satellite photos, the North Koreans recently constructed a shelter over a rail line used to move missile stages to a launch pad from outside Sohae.

A defense official said the rail shelter is part of large-scale North Korean missile complex concealment efforts.

Photo: Por North_Korea_on_the_globe_(Japan_centered).svg: TUBS derivative work: Cmglee [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( undefined GFDL (], undefined



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