No Charges Against Cop in Controversial Killing Of Teen

From reports:

Prosecutor Chrissy Adams, who works closely with the local police involved in the shooting, said Seneca officer Mark Tiller won’t face state charges over the July 26 shooting death of Zachary Hammond, who was on a date with a woman under investigation by vice police.

“After careful consideration of the facts of the case, a thorough review of the state investigation, and an extensive review of all applicable law, I have determined that no criminal charges should be filed against Lt. Mark Tiller at the state level,” she said in a statement.

Hammond was waiting in his car outside a Hardee’s while the woman he was dating, Tori Morton, met with an undercover officer to reportedly complete a drug deal.

Officer Tiller then ran up to the teen’s car with his gun drawn, to which Hammond responded by trying to drive away.

That’s when Tiller unloaded on the teen at near point-blank range.

The officer later said he shot Hammond because he felt threatened.

Morton, who was the target of the police investigation, was only charged with simple possession of marijuana.

In a climate of hate toward police officers, the voices of the people have been mixed on this case.  What we do know is in an undercover investigation, much of what will be presented in court is unknown.  How Hammond was involved is unclear, he was fleeing leaving his girlfriend alone to face the police.

Rushing to judgement is never prudent.  As of this writing the officer’s hooting review has cleared him.  We shall await the outcome of a civil lawsuit being filed by Hammond’s family claiming manslaughter by the police officer.  Also, the case against the girlfriend will shed light on the totality of Hammond’s involvement in dealing drugs.

Source: Info Wars



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