NIH and Local Libraries Team Up to Create DNA Database of Americans

NIH and Local Libraries Team Up to Create DNA Database of Americans

The government is rolling out stage one of a large endeavor to snatch fingerprints and DNA, which is being rolled out in our schools and libraries.

Ever since the materialization of DNA testing in 1985, the collection of biological materials has been an indispensable tool of the government for tracking both villains, and those who cross their path.

This brings to mind the notorious FBI raid of a small Texan conservative political meeting back in 2015 under former FBI Director James Comey.  FBI agents confiscated all electronics for further analysis and forcibly fingerprinted all 60 people gathered at the meeting.

Now government agencies are working to make their jobs a little easier. They are going to start tricking children (and their naive parents) into sending their DNA to government agencies under the guise of “learning”.

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid contains your unique genetic blueprint that differentiates you from every other person. And as technology progresses agencies are moving away from fingerprinting and collecting biological materials to be tested in labs and added to government databases.

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