Newly Unveiled Evidence Shows Feds Ordered LaVoy Finicum’s Death

Eagle Rising has uncovered new evidence that suggests that the government called for the death of LaVBoy Finicum, a protestor involved in the recent multi-week occupation of Oregon land.

In the deposition of another officer, he acknowledged that the authorization for the operation that led to the murder of LaVoy Finicum came from the “highest levels of national command authority.”

Now, national command authority in the United States applies to the President and the Secretary of Defense. Smith said he has only heard “national command authority” used in military terms. Keep in the back of your mind that our military has been given propaganda against such Americans as those that gathered at Bundy Ranch in 2014 and those that protested the unconstitutional land grab of the DC government and the Bureau of Land Management.

So, why was there a command coming from the White House regarding a small protest in Oregon? Furthermore, who actually issued that command? It has been said that Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett has been Obama's closest adviser and the she was the one who talked Obama out of the alleged Osama bin Laden hit and later was the one that gave the stand down order in Benghazi. Could she be the one who issued the order for this particular action?

Jarrett is the one that told America that after the 2012 elections, the gloves would come off, and they have.

If the officer's deposition was not enough, among the emails that came from Governor Brown's office, she also made reference her own discussions with “national command authority.” Guess who that turned out to be? None other than Valerie Jarrett.

This isn't the first time controversy has surrounded his death, as recently released video has also shed some doubt on the government's official story.

Source: Eagle Rising




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