Newly Released Lynch Emails Reveal BIZARRE Revelation Going Back Decades

The Department of Justice released hundreds of emails pertaining to the investigation of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch this week. These emails pertained to her secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton shortly before she ordered former FBI Director James Comey to refer to the Hillary investigation as a “matter” vs. the criminal investigation that is was.

These emails shed light on shocking practice Lynch utilized in her communications with Department of Justice officials.

The Democrats really don’t seem to think much as they go about committing crimes. Maybe the indestructibility of the Swamp Goddess lends them a false sense of security that most Americans don’t care if they’re all running around destroying our country. But, we do. And Lynch’s sneaky behavior does not escape the scrutiny of the patriotic public eye.

An internet sleuth dug through all the emails and found a surprising method favored by Lynch for masking her identity. See these emails and learn the backstory surrounding Lynch’s actions prior to learning she herself was the subject of investigation.

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