New Study ‘Proves’ Smart Meters Develop Abnormal Heart Rhythms

New Study ‘Proves’ Smart Meters Develop Abnormal Heart Rhythms

Smart meters digitally track and send information about your energy usage to utility providers (who then sell it to other marketers, companies, and corporations) in order to help consumers reduce energy bills.

Remember the Fukushima nuclear energy plant radiation scandal and cover-up back in 2016? Something similar is unfolding here right in the U.S. except instead of being isolated to one geographic area, it’s hidden in plain sight in 43% of average everyday households in America.

A study has just found that in addition to admitting radiation, smart meters also have another far more deadly effect on human health. More information on this study on the next page.

Energy companies actively promote smart meters and tout this to consumers as offering “huge savings”.  And here is the catch, smart meters can help people conserve energy usage and are more environmentally friendly. But, environmentally friendly should often be accompanied with a warning label adding that people are the number one threat or “drain” on the environment. Learn more about this study proving a correlation between a potentially deadly medical condition and smart meters on the next page.

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