New Study: At Least 75% of the Earth Has Not Warmed in Recent Decades

The fascinating paper by Steiger et al (2017) tore down the validity of instrumental temperature records, the ones showing the dramatic increases in global temperatures. And you’re encouraged to click on all the links and view the original studies and references used in this article for yourself. This is all legit. It’s just the truth is rarely published anymore these days. Thanks to the Fake News Industrial Complex’s death grip on American mind’s to control their sense of reality.

We find local reconstruction skill to be most robust across the reconstructions, particularly for temperature and geopotential height, as well as limited non-local skill in the tropics.  These results are in agreement with long-held views that isotopes in ice cores have clear value as local climate proxies, particularly for temperature and atmospheric circulation.”

In other words, the basis of this study is that the evidence shows that using water isotope ratios from ice cores is a far more accurate method of gauging global temperature patterns. Furthermore, the global warming trends being touted by big money global warming supporters depicting sharply rising temperatures during the 1st part of the 20th century have no basis in scientific fact.

This aligns with another recent study, Turney et al., (2017), that finds the Southern ocean has actually been cooling.

So, where the accurate data sets for global temperature patterns? Right here!

Here are the data sets like the ones NASA and other global warming profiting government agencies and NGOs show to prove increasing global temperatures. This chart uses the debunked scientifically inferior instrumental temperature gauging methods.

Global mean temp

Model using water isotope ratios from ice cores

Ice Core - Temp Data

Global mean temperature chart

MS data chart

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