Bill Nye: “What if All the Ice in the World Were to Melt?”

European leader’s refusal to negotiate the Paris Accord has left many environmentalists with misguided anger.

President Trump is no more at fault for leaving the Paris Accord than hypocritical European leaders. Moving to re-negotiate terms made under former President Obama was a very reasonable and precedent request.

Why would European leaders rather let the Earth be destroyed by President Trump than negotiate a smaller U.S. handout to save the planet? If global warming is true then any deal negotiated would still serve to benefit the planet, right.

It is no secret President Trump is not a part of the mainstream political establishments. But, is not being a part of the establishment enough to incite the wrath of the left?

In times like these it is extremely important to ask objective questions:

1) Why is President Trump the “villain”?

2) Why do European leaders hold no responsibility in this narrative?

3) Do global warming advocates actually believe their science?

There are numerous logical fallacies associated with the narratives peddled by mainstream media in connection to the Paris Accord.

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