New Obama Overtime Expansion Mandate to send Businesses into Tailspin

New Obama Overtime Expansion Mandate to send Businesses into Tailspin

Barack Obama clearly hates business and private enterprise. His Marxist orientation informs his policies, and because he believes he is an omnipotent prince, he believes he is subject neither to democratic principles nor to economic laws. That is why with the stroke of a pen he can make law and decree sweeping mandates. It does not matter to him that his decrees will destroy businesses and throw workers into the streets. It is about politics, destroying the foundation of private enterprise, and bringing this nation to its knees.

It is seen in his effort to destroy the hydrocarbon industry. He is oblivious to the fact that millions of workers will lose their jobs, that billion dollar companies will be bankrupted, and that hundreds of millions of citizens will have their energy prices double, triple or more. People will literally die because they cannot afford to pay for heat, air conditioning, or the power to keep life saving equipment running, but to Obama, this is nothing. He has decreed the mandate for renewable energy, and he must be obeyed.

In a smaller activity, he has decreed that the federal minimum wage must more than double. It does not matter to Obama that thousands of businesses will close, millions of young workers will lose their jobs, millions more will never have the chance to get their first minimum wage job because they will not be worth the cost. Wendy's restaurants, for example, has just decreed that they will be installing self serve order kiosks and eliminate the vast majority of workers. Obama is willing to do this to punish business and to ensure “income equality” which means young workers will have no jobs and will live off the government dole, but at “equal” wages.

Now Obama and the labor department have made a new rule designed to destroy businesses and to harm workers. They had no right to this, but once again a new policy has appeared in the form of a royal decree, with no relation to common sense or the laws of economics.

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