New Mandate Prohibits Questioning an Individual in Bathroom about their Sexual Orientation or Motives

It is important to understand that many people believe in this gender-identity problem and that someone who does label themselves as transgender would face dangers of their own if seen in the opposing bathroom. We cannot ignore the fact that their are people in this world that will take advantage of this opportunity to spy or harass or even molest others if allowed access to do so. The Family Policy Institute of Washington wrote:

 Not only does this new mandate require people to completely ignore biology and reasonable concern for safety in private places, but it also restricts an individual’s ability to question the motives of an individual entering those facilities…Business owners run the risk of being sued if they speak out to protect the privacy of their customers.  Coaches and gym teaches are no longer able to make sure their young athletes are able to shower and change their clothes in a safe setting.  14-year old girls must get comfortable with the idea that an individual with male anatomy, even in an aroused state, can change clothes next to them in a locker room, so long as that individual claims to feel like a woman internally.

It's time to take a stand. This new law as gone too far and protects too few people. Regardless of the presence of a transgender community, the government needs to recognize there are people, both within and outside of that community, that will take this opening as a chance to do harm. To read more from The Family Policy of Washington or to view the full law, check out the links below.

Source: Family Police Institute of Washington




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