New 3D Analysis of 9/11 Proves Videos Released to the Media Were Rigged

A new 3-dimensional computer model simulated the alleged plane strike to the World Trade Center’s North Tower exactly as reported according to the 911 commission report.

These findings give a very vivid depiction as to how the Sept. 11th attack looks according to the official reports. Except unlike most simulations, this 3D model raises more questions than it answers.

The simulation carefully reproduces in 3D the entire airspace surrounding the North Tower of the World Trade Center as it stood before the attack on Sept. 11th, 2011. According to the official Commission, one of the attackers flew a Boeing 747 into the north face of the tower.

Official reports state that the buildings collapsed due to the heat and fires generated from the two planes crashing into the side of the buildings.

53 video clips were compiled by lead researcher Richard D. Hall into a 1-minute presentation to analyze if the footage was shown on the news the day of the attack aligned with the “official flight path”.

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