New 3D Analysis of 9/11 Proves Videos Released to the Media Were Rigged

Researcher Richard D. Hall created a 3D computer model of the complete airspace surrounding the North Tower of the World Trade Center before the catastrophic events of 911.

“The model was constructed perfectly to scale [and] I also included a large aerial photograph of the land ensuring that the image was resized such that the scale on the ground was identical to the vertical scale of the buildings,” Hall explained. “I added a few more landmarks, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.”

Hall states “the alleged plane” does follow the “official radar path” listed as the radar impact speed in the official commission. However, whatever struck the World Trade Center was most certainly not a Boeing 767 as reported by the media.

The video shows impossible impact dynamics, proving that what we are looking at is not a Boeing 767,” he stated.

The officially reported aircraft’s wing structure is too delicate, in particular near the tips to cut through reinforced steel columns. Official videos given to the media depict the tips of the Boeing 747 wings cutting through steel.

This is an impossibility according to both physicists and Hall’s 3D model.

“It’s made up of extremely thin aluminum ribs,” he said. “There is no way the wing is going to win.” The planes were crated using “cartoon physics or butter planes,” Hall maintains. “In my opinion, we are not seeing a 767 with fragile aluminum plane impacting on solid steel columns.”

The conclusion from this 3D model is that a physical object did fly through the airspace surrounding the North Tower of the World Trade Center of Sept. 11th 2011 but the object was most definitely not a Boeing 767.

Further adding to the mystery is that the wing-like-shaped cuts into the North Tower occurred after the object impacted the buildings, not before as depicted in the report and media.

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