Nearly Half of NH GOP Primary Voters were not Republicans

Nearly Half of NH GOP Primary Voters were not Republicans

Liberal politicians have long attempted to tie Donald Trump's most controversial statements to that of the GOP as a whole. Thy call him racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic, and by association try to tie the Republican party as all of those things as well.

Now that exit poll data has finally come in from New Hampshire, the Democrats are going to have a lot of explaining to do, as nearly half of those who voted in the GOP race were not Republicans at all, and they broke heavily for Trump.

Donald Trump has cross-party appeal, and whether they like it or not, he's a lot more electable than they like to assume as a result.

Some have already tried to explain away this phenomenon by saying that Democrats are trying to “sabotage” the GOP by voting for Trump, but considering they have their own bitter primary happening, it seems unlikely that anyone would allow their own party go astray just to try spoil the other side's results.

Besides, if their idea of sabotaging a party is helping them nominate the phenomenon that is Trump, they may soon realize their plan may very well backfire in a spectacular way.

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