National Review Doubles Down: ‘Fundamentally true and important to say’ White Working Class Communities ‘Deserve to Die’

Trump Supporters Vilified One More Time

French softens the rant against working class Americans just a bit as he spreads the blame around, but he essentially concurs with Williamson… working-class whites are white trash losers and are getting what they deserve. If they only paid more attention to their betters, they would be much better off. Here are French's “soothing” words that he added to Williamson's;

These are strong words, but they are fundamentally true and important to say. My childhood was different from Kevin’s, but I grew up in Kentucky, live in a rural county in Tennessee, and have seen the challenges of the white working-class first-hand. Simply put, Americans are killing themselves and destroying their families at an alarming rate. No one is making them do it. The economy isn’t putting a bottle in their hand. Immigrants aren’t making them cheat on their wives or snort OxyContin. Obama isn’t walking them into the lawyer’s office to force them to file a bogus disability claim…

… a focus on personal responsibility [does not] mean that the government or cultural elite are blameless. Far from it, and I’ve written at length about the role of progressive culture and progressive policies in cultural decline. I loathe the progressive welfare state and the elitist sexual revolutionaries who do all they can to create a culture that it simultaneously dependent and self-indulgent. I hate the mockery that poor and working-class people of all races endure, but we live in a nation of mutual responsibilities, and the failure of the government does not require the failure of the citizen. Kevin is right.

If getting a job means renting a U-Haul, rent the U-Haul. You have nothing to lose but your government check.

Perhaps the real reason Trump has gained so much traction with the white working class is that he talks like them, he seems to have the same same concerns as they do, and he does not look down on them for being frightened by the destructive changes they have seen and are seeing in the America they grew up in. Trump is not the perfect candidate for many, but he is not cowed by the politically correct crowd, and though he is full of bluster, he seems like a guy who wants to roll up his sleeves and get something done rather than just pontificate on the pages of a high-brow, conservative magazine.

He is anything but part of the political class, and that is refreshing for working folks who have been screwed by politicians on the left and the right for so many years. It is understandable that elite authors like David French and Kevin Williamson object to the rabble rejecting them, just as the rabble rejected Barrack Obama when he railed against them for “clinging to their guns and their religion.” Arrogant political hacks may finally have pushed the working class over the brink, and the people are choosing to take the wheel since the elites have made such a mess of things. The warning shot across the bow will remind political leaders that they lead and direct only as long as the people let them. For now it appears that the working class has had enough of the nonsense.




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