Nancy Sinatra: “NRA Should Face a Firing Squad”

Nancy Sinatra: “NRA Should Face a Firing Squad”

From the iconic era of mini-skirts and thigh-high boots and the Vietnam War comes a woman shrouded in mystery and intrigue.  A woman whose apparent exposure to guns and weapons of mass destruction is so extensive and her knowledge of firearms so immersed in the mechanics and dynamics of propulsion that she is eminently qualified to comment on the devastating power of sidearm weaponry, Nancy Sinatra, has come out on the side of the Hollyweird Leftist ideology narrative that guns kill people!

As in the 1990s, when Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) were suddenly lurching into gear and driving like the Dickens all over town and running down unsuspecting Girl Scouts (not to mention belching greenhouse gasses that damage our delicate ozone layer), so too is the homegrown terrorist, known simply as a gun, solely responsible for the deaths of thousands.

Sinatra, like all parrots in the Party of the Jackass (and Leftists in the celebrity club who no longer have a viable career, but open their mouths anyway), came out to lecture us how the National Rifle Association (NRA) “should face a firing squad!”

Read on the next page about how Sinatra’s hypocrisy extends not only to her unfilterable brain activity, but to her famous dad as well!

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