Nancy Sinatra: “NRA Should Face a Firing Squad”

Nancy Sinatra, the “these boots are made for walkin'” girl, has opted to shed her quiet demeanor in hopes of gaining some relevancy these days in the Leftist media.  Not content with playing second fiddle to Jane Fonda, she has come out and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Liberal celebrities are just plain dumb!

In a tweet from yesterday, Sinatra opted to state without grace or protocol or regard for human life, that the five million members of the NRA should be put to death!  She really did!

Not just by the preferred method of killing that Leftists normally subscribe to for infant children…the syringe needle in the back of skull to kill the baby BEFORE removing it from its mother and disposing of it by selling its discarded body to the highest bidder through some nefarious Planned Parenthood liaison officer who can't wait to buy a new Jaguar and then shielded from investigation through Congressional laws that are advocated through soulless shills like Nancy Pelosi (a supposedly devout Catholic).

No, no, no.  This celebrity Liberal believes that the five million people (and I guess, by extension, their families…because Lord knows they probably indiscriminately kill, too) should be placed before a firing squad and shot in the heart and chest to put a quick end to terrorist (as Jimmy Kimmel has stated them to be).

They might be laying it on thick, but you know, after all, we are talking about ‘murderers' here, right?  Granted, NRA members are not routinely hauled into the station for indefensible murder.  Granted, too, NRA members legally own the weapons they use, which are registered and permitted.  But, now we're splitting hairs.

Sinatra believes that ‘these people who wrongfully kill people every day' should be put to death…by shooting them!  Not every NRA member agreed with her, however.

She may have been a different girl back in the '60s when she was advocating setting her boyfriend on fire in the song, “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”:

And you keep thinking that you'll never get burnt (HAH)
I just found me a brand new box of matches (YEAH)

Yeah, that's right.  You see what selective, out-of-context quoting can do?  Check out this cute little AR-15:

Let's not forget that Sinatra did another cute little song about guns as well where she and her little friend (children, no less!) were playing cowboys and Indians and her friend was always “shooting her down!”  The Horror!

I'm not sure if we can really blame little Nancy, though, considering that she may have been brought up by a habitual supporter of guns and their use in public.  Father, Frank, was also deeply ensconced in the gun underground lifestyle.  Between being involved with the Italian mob and hanging out with Ava Gardner (apparently) his life was rife with firearms.

PBS NEWSHOUR:  Later on, his rocky relationship with actress Ava Gardner apparently upset him so much that he made three suicide attempts while he was still with her, including on one occasion when he walked into their bedroom holding a gun to his head. A scuffle ensued where Gardner struggled to take the weapon from him, firing the gun, but the bullet missed them both.

THE DAILY MAIL:  How could such a person be a man among men? As his fame grew and hangers-on kowtowed and cowered, he came to believe in his own toughness. That’s why he liked to carry a gun. That’s why he hung around mobsters and was so desperate to be accepted by them.

JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY:  Frank Sinatra reportedly played a role in smuggling guns to Israel in 1948.

So, Nancy, we don't blame you.  As compassionate Conservatives (possibly some white and some Christian), we believe that you were merely a product of your upbringing and that's why you're advocating such violence against five million people who have not outright murdered others.

If you need to shoot someone, however, I would suggest applying for NRA membership IMMEDIATELY, purchasing a firearm (LEGALLY), going to the range and practicing the safety requirements of handling such a weapon, purchasing a good safe for your home, lock the ammo up as well, and wait.  If…IF…someone ever threatens your life with violence inside your own Malibu mansion, and they somehow manage to get past all your armed security service agents and guards and the Dobermans trained to rip out throats on command, then…AND ONLY THEN…should you be entitled to shoot that person, as you've been apparently fantasizing about based on your post.

I might caution you, though.  The infiltrator into your home?  Probably won't be an NRA member.

Just sayin'.

Source:  PBS NewsHour / The Daily Mail / Jewish Telegraph Agency

Image: Zimbo



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