Muslim Immigrants Demand Cross Be Removed From Swiss Flag

Muslim Immigrants Demand Cross Be Removed From Swiss Flag

When is enough enough? The West has been brought up on Judeo-Christian values and ethics, which includes helping the helpless and succoring the homeless, but it is obvious that this ethic is being abused and taken advantage of. The invitation to Islamic “refugees” into the West to help them escape the murdering mayhem of their Islamic marauding brothers seemed to be the right thing to do, and one would expect gratitude and an attempt to fit into the new culture that saved their lives and offered them an opportunity to live without fear.

But that is not the reality.

In case after case, in country after country, what is playing out is the development of Islamic enclaves, antagonistic to the hosting countries values and culture, insistent that the host accept and even adopt cultural, religious and political more and standards of the immigrants. It becomes tiresome, to say the least, and many are wondering, “should they just be sent back?”

The latest example is the call by an Islamic group in Bern, Switzerland to replace the iconic white cross on the Swiss national flag because it is a Christian symbol and “no longer corresponds to today's multicultural Switzerland.”  Multiculturalism is the great icon at which the Left worships, and it is a scam. It is designed not to include, but to destroy, and generally that means the destruction of Western culture and religion.

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