Muslim Congressman: Trump’s Rhetoric is a Political Pretense, which Americans will Reject as Bigoted and Racist

Congressman Andre Carson has been appointed to a House intelligence committee that deals with classified information. That is frightening to say the least, considering that the man's past statements.

His appointment, made by Nancy Pelosi, raises concerns due to his extremist comments declaring America’s schools should be modeled after Qur’anic madrassas.

He even stated that the Islamization of America can't be stopped, as you can hear in the second video below.

He bathes in the idea of making an Islamic revolutionaries out of young people and was caught cavorting with terrorism fundraisers.

One has to wonder what kind of campaign they ran? How can you lose to an opponent with such baggage?

Listen to him accuse Trump of basically lying about his stance on Muslims in the first video below starting at the 6:55 mark.

Check out his statements on how American schools will never advance without Islamic intervention and how Allah won't permit law enforcement from stopping the Islamization of America:



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