Multiple Cases of “Black Death” Reported in New Mexico

Multiple Cases of “Black Death” Reported in New Mexico

When humans hear the word “plague” they think of medieval times when millions of people in Europe died during epidemics. Hearing of new cases in this day and age sounds like something out of a bad Hollywood movie.

The plague is a bacterial disease that brings a sudden onset of high fever, chills, weakness and headache. It can cause painful swelling in the lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin.

The disease originates with rodents and can be transmitted to humans through flea bites. It can be spread by direct human contact with wildlife and pets who’ve been infected.

This week new cases have been reported in a state that’s dealt with plague cases in the recent past as well. Unlike in the Middle Ages, today’s physicians have antibiotics and other means with which to deal with the illness. Prompt medical treatment is critical to avoiding death.

Nonetheless, the very mention of the word “plague” no doubt sends a shudder down the spine of those who are afflicted.

Find out where the ancient illness has reappeared and what is being done to prevent its spread. The details unfold on the next page.

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