Multiple Cases of “Black Death” Reported in New Mexico

The most recent cases of the human plague have been confirmed in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. Officials of the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) say the disease has been reported in two women, age 52 and 62.

Earlier in June a 63-year old man has afflicted with the illness as well. All three patients have been hospitalized for treatment and no deaths have resulted.

New Mexico had earlier cases of the plague back in 2015 and 2016 when four cases were reported in each year. One of the patients in 2015 died from the disease.

In terms of preventing any spread of the disease, NMDOH is conducting environmental investigations around the patients’ homes to determine any risks to family members or neighbors.

NMDOH recommends protecting pets by using safe flea control, taking them to a veterinarian promptly, and keeping their food and water away from areas with mice.”

To avoid attracting rodents who might bear the disease, NMDOH recommends cleaning up areas around houses like wood and brush piles, or junk and abandoned vehicles that might attract vermin.

It also recommends that hay and compost be kept as far away from homes as possible.

Source: Circa



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