Mother of Ted Cruz’s Birth Certificate Raises Both Questions and Answers

As a Canadian born individual, Ted Cruz's eligibility for president has been brought up before, most recently by GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, and now that the prospects of Cruz securing the GOP nomination have become much more legitimate, the campaign is trying to ease voters' fears that they may be throwing away their vote to someone who can't even legally run.

As such, Cruz's team has provided Breitbart with a copy of the mother of Ted Cruz's birth certificate, and it answers some questions, and raises others.

The document proves that Elenaor Darragh, mother of Ted Cruz, was born in Delaware, and is therefore an American citizen. This would imply American citizenship for her children, should they be born outside of the United States, so long as she remains a citizen of her home country.

That last fact has now come under some scrutiny. Continue reading on the next page to see why some argue that Darragh became a citizen of Canada prior to her move back to the US:

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