Morris: Obama War Room to ‘Topple Trump’ in Full Operation Just 2 Miles from the White House

Dick Morris is brilliant.  He has cobbled together yet another way to keep his name and legacy alive and kicking, despite his debacle of a series of predictions years ago in reference to Barack Hussein Obama's rise to power.  His work at Fox News was disastrous after his many, many predictions of the demise of the Obama star and was famously allowed to fade into the background noise when the news network finally decided that they had had more than enough of his Nostradamus-like prognostications.

As usual, though, Morris has come out with another book and more predictions, but this time, he has taken a brilliant step of marketing himself in a unique way.  Similar to how Trump has trumped the Fake News Industrial Complex (FNIC) through Twitter tweets (which drives the Left to utterly rabid fits of unhinged seizure with moves to LEGALLY REMOVE HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT THROUGH PETITIONS), Morris has created a video diary of sorts that addresses questions from viewers, as well as posts opinions about news from current American political stories.

The videos are somewhat long and even have a couple of sponsor commercials (by Morris himself) in between, but the payoff is the vastness of the information that he brings to the table in the form of insider information and in-the-know types of insight.  Morris has spent nearly three decades amassing a great wealth of knowledge about how political intrigue works here in the United States, but also reveals a broad knowledge (as well as personal experience) with foreign political intrigue as well, in this video going into a somewhat Reader's Digest type breakdown of the history of the Magnitsky Act and chronologically, why and how it was first hatched and then implemented by Congress.

The real piece of interest, however, lies in his opening act of explaining the endeavor of Barack Hussein Obama's newest society which is located a mere two miles from the White House and its current occupant, President Donald Trump.  Morris apparently has one or more insiders who are supplying him with information that reveals just how Obama is operating and in which venues he is choosing to subvert the current administration.

Operating just two miles away from the White House, the war room holds two conference calls daily to hash out media talking points, with a particular focus on health care.

Calls are held 8:30 am est and 9:45 am est. Kathleen Sebelius, former Health and Human Services head and Andrew Slavitt, former head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are both active in the secret group.

While Dick Morris’ inside intel is deeply concerning, it isn’t the first time news of Obama plotting against President Trump has come to light. In May, news broke former Obama aide, Valerie Jarrett, moved in with the former first family to plot against the current administration.

In his video blog, Morris reveals the names of Kathleen Sibelius, Andrew Slavitt (as mentioned above) and two more, Jeanne Lambrew and Leslie Dash.

Here's a partial transcription of the video pertaining to the Society of Continuous Resistance to Enemy Wrongdoing by Trump (or SCREW Trump):

“Hi!  Welcome to ‘Deep Six the Deep State.'  There is an indication that Obama has set up a secret operation in a war room just about two miles from the White House, where Michelle has her offices and so do many of the former aides to Obama.  And they meet there and they have a twice-daily conference call.  I'll give you the time so that I'm sure that you'll be able to make it:  8:30 and 9:45 every morning.  Every morning.  And they develop talking points for the media for the day to have a…sabotage and undermine Trump.”


“I mean, it's a war room.  It's just like in the middle of the campaigns, like the campaign never stopped, and all of the key players are on that conference call.  Lately, it's been devoted and dedicated to trying to defeat Trump's healthcare reform…Trump's health repeal of ObamaCare.  And the cast of characters will be very familiar to you.

There's Kathleen Sibelius…she's a former Secretary of HHS [Health & Human Service].  She's going on a month-long bus tour to pressure members of Congress to oppose health care overhaul.

And there's Andrew Slavitt, who's the former head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid.  He's been trolling Republicans over healthcare on Twitter, posting hundreds of tweets each week that attack their proposals as mean-spirited and wrong.

Then there's Jeanne Lambrew who's one of the chief White House architects of the health care law, who's churning out detailed analyses of each of the Republican positions.  And don't think they're not in intimate contact with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to try to stack their conclusions as well.


And the operation's just a few blocks from the Capitol and it's in a war room run by Leslie Dash, one of Obama's top healthcare officials, coordinating a nation-wide anti-Repeal campaign by Liberal think tanks, local resistance groups…that's their word, not mine…sympathetic governors, Medicaid insurance lobbyists, Democratic activists, pollsters and academics.  It was conceived in the hours after Trump was elected in November, and the group called itself, “Protect Our Care,” P-O-C, and it's the heart of the effort to oppose Repeal.

So much for smooth presidential transitions.  Of course, that's the overt part of the resistance.  The covert part of the resistance are these moles who are buried in the Trump administration who are leaking to sabotage Trump.

Now, today the newspapers are all full…and TV stations…with Scaramucci, the new Communications Director…they call him “Mooch”…saying that – implying that Reince Priebus, the Chief of Staff, is a leaker, and Kellyanne Conway complaining that people are leaking on one another in the Trump White House, to knife them and try to get them thrown out.

C'mon, that's been going on forever.

Morris' video has since been taken down:

Fortunately, we have the transcript:

“There is indication that Obama has set up a secret operation in a war room just about two miles from the White House where Michelle has her offices and so do many of the former aids to Obama. They meet there and they have a twice daily conference call at 8:30 AM and 9:45 AM every morning. And they develop talking points for the media for the day to sabotage and undermine President Trump. It’s a war room. It’s just like in the middle of a campaign. The campaign never stopped. All of the key players are on that conference call.
Lately it has been devoted and dedicated to trying to defeat Trump’s healthcare reform of Obamacare.
Their operation is just a few blocks from the capital and it’s in a war room run by Leslie Dash, one of Obama’s top healthcare officials. She’s coordinating a nationwide anti-repeal campaign by liberal think tanks, local resistance groups, sympathetic governors, medicaid insurance lobbyists, democratic activists, pollsters, and academics. It was conceived in the hours after Trump was elected and the group is called ‘Protect Our Care’. It’s the heart of their effort to oppose the repeal of Obamacare.
That’s the overt part of their resistance. The covert part of their resistance are these moles who are buried in the Trump administration who are leaking to sabotage Trump. That has always gone on, but these leaks are different. These are leaks by government officials, often of national security data designed to destroy the president. The reason they can do that, the reason they can get away with it is because Trump really does not have his people in the government yet. That’s because Congress, the Senate, has slow walked the approval of any of his appointments.
After six months of the Obama presidency, he had 206 people confirmed. Trump has 55. In that six month period, Trump had the overwhelming majority of his appointments required to go through a roll call, which meant a vote on closing debate, which requires 60 votes to do that and then 50 votes to confirm the nominee. There are now 1,242 positions still vacant in the Trump administration awaiting confirmation. Some are awaiting appointment, he has not yet appointed them all, But he has appointed a whole lot more than they have confirmed.
What Obama did was he embedded his employees deep within the bowels of these agencies by moving them into civil-service positions and away from appointed jobs. He would go to people in appointed positions and re-classify the position as civil service. These people cannot be moved out of their positions until their immediate superiors are appointed to their positions. At this pace, that won’t happen until more than a year into the Trump presidency. So a big part of this conspiracy by the Democrats, is too slow walk and place obstacles in the way of the confirmation of the Trump appointees by demanding roll call votes, by demanding hearings, by placing all sorts of procedural obstacles there to slow walk the confirmations. So that means they won’t be able to get on the job and get rid of the leakers that are embedded in the administration.
In the meantime, the sycophantic media picks up on the leaks and gives them incredible coverage, often blowing them out of all proportion and refuses to name who the leakers are. That conspiracy, directed by this operations room that I was talking about, this war room, is how they are trying to topple Donald Trump.”

I did a little poking around about the three I wasn't very familiar with; Andrew Slavitt, Jeanne Lambrew, and Leslie Dash.  Both Slavitt and Lambrew have a ton of information on them that pretty much follows the Jackass Party platform.  There is very little about this Leslie Dash, however.

I began digging a little through her network, Protect Our Care (POC) and after seeing nothing of real shocking interest, I happened upon their partnerships.  Lo and behold, the very first top-tier partner of POC is the Arab Community Center for Economic & Social Services (ACCESS) out of Dearborn, Michigan.

ACCESS has sister locations in several other areas, including Detroit.  In April of this year, a woman who worked for the Detroit branch of ACCESS was convicted of submitting fraudulent citizenship papers by lying on immigration and naturalization forms.  Rasmieh Odeh, who was a resident of Michigan, is “an icon in the terrorist world,” according to a report by the Detroit Free Press.

Odeh was convicted and imprisoned in Israel, accused of playing a role in the bombing of an Israeli supermarket that killed two civilians and an attempted attack on the British Consulate. Prosecutors in Detroit said it was done by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Odeh was later released as part of a prison swap.

Odeh had previously maintained she didn't disclose her terror convictions because of her post-traumatic stress disorder that she said was caused by torture by Israeli authorities.

In addition, blogger/editorialist, Debbie Schlussel, wrote a piece back in August of 2007, three months before the election of Barack Hussein Obama, regarding this ACCESS outfit.

I’ve written many times about Muslims who’ve defrauded Medicaid. That includes continuing Medicaid fraud by the Dearbornistan-based Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS), pursuant to which you, the taxpayer, pay for the delivery of babies to pregnant Muslim foreign aliens who lie to Customs and Border Protection inspectors to get into the country to have their kids here. Their kids become anchor babies with U.S. citizenship.

U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III a/k/a “Abu Porno” (a Bush Federal Appeals Court nominee) and Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox (who wants to be Michigan Governor) refuse to prosecute the agency and are letting the fraud continue.

It does appear that Protect Our Care, which is operating under the auspices of keeping the Unaffordable Care Act in place for the good of Americans, is actually getting assistance from a group with terrorist ties and Medicare/Medicaid fraud.  Just a few weeks ago, according to Creeping Sharia, the largest defrauding operation ever uncovered was busted up and was populated by Muslim doctors and nurses who were part of a huge ring of Medicare/Medicaid fraud to the tune of $1.3B!  There have been 412 arrests so far, including 56 doctors, and had targeted over 200 clinics nationwide!  Did this have something to do with ACCESS and, indirectly, with this new organization Protect Our Care?

Terrorist ties, defrauding the American government and the taxpayer, subversion, sabotage, in collusion with the Fake News Industrial Complex!  Could this shadow government of Obama's be any more evil and insidious?

If it isn't, I'm sure he's working on ways to do so as we speak.

Source:  The Gateway Pundit / Protect Our Care / ACCESS / Detroit Free Press / Debbie Schlussel / Creeping Sharia, Z3News



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