Morning Joe Political Hit Job: Trump is ‘Screaming at TV Sets’, ‘Detached from Reality’

Scarborough presented a picture of a president “detached from reality,” claiming Trump is screaming at television sets and wanting to fire everyone.

Of course, Joe hasn’t been known to hang around the White House to witness this behavior. But fear not, he has the usual retinue of “sources” who are shadowing the president’s every move.

He further claims that Trump and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, are aligned against the White House staff, blaming everyone for the firing of James Comey.

But Scarborough did not aim solely at Trump. He called United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley “fundamentally ignorant” for characterizing Trump as “CEO of the country,” and launched into a foam-at-the-mouth rant about how the USA is a democratic republic.

He then raked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson over the coals for standing up for the president, terming Tillerson as “sad and pathetic”

Of course, the conversation with the panelists had to make the rounds of false narratives such as Trump asking Comey for a personal loyalty oath, the usual blather about Trump firing Comey to stymy the investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, and even getting around to Trump not releasing his tax returns.

To his credit, Heilemann attempted to introduce a shred of balance into the discussion by noting that Trump makes very calculated decisions, even when he knows they will stir up controversy.

That suggestion was met with contempt from the rest of the talking heads on the show.  Of course, they all were singing out of the same leftist songbook.

This program was a prime example of why fewer Americans trust the news media, knowing that most of it involves pushing a political agenda instead of presenting factual, balanced information so people can make up their own minds.

Given Scarborough and Brzezinski’s recent engagement, one can only imagine what their pillow talk must be like. Clearly Donald Trump is living rent free in their heads.

Those seeking a true journalism career, one that adheres to basic journalistic ethics, can easily learn all they should avoid after watching this segment of “Morning Joe.”



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