MONUMENT MADNESS: Christopher Columbus ‘Didn’t Discover America He Invaded It’

Protesters in New York City flooded Columbus Circle over the weekend to demand the removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus.

A rally was held in New York by those who wish to see the removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus from where it has stood since the 1800's.

The statue is currently under review by a special task force implemented by Mayor Bill de Blasio designed to remove ‘symbols of hate' in New York City.

Friday night, demonstrators took to Columbus Circle where the statue is prominently displayed in a busy round-about at the base of Central Park, carrying signs that read: ‘Columbus didn't discover America he invaded it.'

Now here is what you really need to know. We are good. This move to erase history is backfiring right in the Democrats faces.

Trust President Trump, and the brilliant musings of his friend and former advisor Steve Bannon. They are baiting the Democrats and the entire liberal establishment into falling for identity politics, consequently ensuring a Trump victory in 2020.

Taking a sledgehammer to stones, literal stones, fashioned in the likeness of the founding fathers and other historical figures is the dumbest thing one could possibly do to help race relations. Yet, the Democrats are trapped. Identity party politics forces them to get on board with these measures. The only hope the Democrat Party had for rebuilding was in reconstructing their broken platform. But, instead, all they're doing is taking the bait and digging themselves in even deeper. Sure, some of their loyal followers are tearing down the statues. But, that is just their core base. They are not gaining any new followers through this ridiculous campaign to erase history. And we already know the majority in this country would rather be labeled deplorables then let a murderous, racist, rapist loving crooks like Bill and Hillary Clinton live in the White House.

The deplorables will weather these storms to erase history. The Democrats will not. And that is good news for everybody. Even if the deranged liberals can't yet see the error of their ways or ideologies.

Source: DailyMail




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