Mizzou Student Files Charges Against Aggressive Liberal Professor

As footage of University of Missouri communications professor Melissa Click shouting for people recording the anti-racism protest she and dozens of students were participating in to be forcefully removed from the scene spreads like wildfire, the student who caught the enraged educator in action, Mark Schierbecker, has pressed charges against her for violating his civil rights by attempting to disrupt his recording.

Also named in the complaint is a former Associate Dean for the university, who will be investigated alongside Click by the Department of Education's Title IX office.

The now infamous footage shows Click screeching at an off-screen Schierbecker, calling for her fellow protestors to use “muscle” against him and other observers. She cites what she believes to be the unfair treatment of the activists by the media as the reason for her hostility. At one point, she even tries to seize his camera from him, violating both his personal space and his very person.

It's very unlikely that Click realized the irony of protesting for civil rights before trying to violate the civil rights of Schierbecker.

Click the link below to see how police are handling the case:

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