Military Warns About Vulnerability That Could Wipe Out America

The United States military has just released a rather frightful 2018 report titled, “Electromagnetic Defense Task Force” warning the nation that an electromagnetic pulse weapon attack such as those developed by North Korea, Russia, and Iran could effectively wipe out our country.

An Electromagnetic Pulse is a short burst of energy that has the ability to completely fry any and all electronics and can be brought about by a exploding a nuclear device at high altitude (North Korea is capable of doing this right now) or even just by a solar flare.  A cyber attack or simple physical assault could also take down our highly vulnerable grid.

Such an event would send us all back to the stone age as every single electronic device, including the power grid, would be completely destroyed.

Experts warn that such an event would kill off 90% of the population within a year’s time. Of course, should such an event occur America would likely be invaded and many of the sleeper agents embedded in our country would seize upon the opportunity to attack.

It is quite a sobering fact that our country has done little to protect us against his very real threat. Turn the page for details on the new report.



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