Migrants in Germany Beat Transsexual, After Failed Sexual Advances

Migrants in Germany Beat Transsexual, After Failed Sexual Advances

Germany's struggles with migrant violence continues to escalate this week, as yet more reports of assaults are pouring in from the European country.

The latest incidents involve men native to North Africa, who attempted to stone two transsexuals to death in Dortmund, Germany… after they tried making sexual advances on them.

The stoning only began after the North African men realized the two “women” they were hitting on were actually born male.

Not only was the crime performed by the two migrants horrific, it goes to show just how backward the liberal position of open borders truly is. While people on the left claim to be champions of LGBT rights, they welcome with open arms people from countries who openly say that those very people deserved to be killed.

It's that very refusal to actually look at the backgrounds of migrants and immigrants that leads governments to let terrorists into their countries unannounced. Until the world's migration systems can truly be overhauled to allow thorough vetting, violence such as this — against all sorts of people — will continue to escalate.

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