Migrants in Germany Beat Transsexual, After Failed Sexual Advances

Migrant violence continues to plague Germany, as they try to defend their liberal stance to accepting non-native people into the country. Breitbart has gotten hold of a report regarding the latest attacks in the country made by migrants, and the story features a surprising twist.

Three North African men attempted to stone two male to female transsexuals to death in Dortmund, according to local Police.

The two victims were walking together in the early hours of Monday morning when they were approached by three North African men while walking down the Leopoldstrasse. The men attempted sexual advances, but upon realising the victims were transsexuals began attacking them.

Elisa, 37, and Jasmin, 50, reported to police that the men initially hurled insults in Arabic toward them and spoke of their need to stone (to death) “such persons.” Presseportal has published the police report which says the victims responded with insults which escalated the situation to violence. The trio of men then began to throw rocks at the victims.

The victims also reported the suspects grabbed at their hair and breasts during the ordeal.

Local police were in the vicinity and were able to witness and stop the violence before it became life threatening. The suspects stopped their attack and attempted to flee when they noticed the police.

While the men certainly didn't expect to find themselves in such a pickle, its no excuse for the violence that the revelation invoked. Its but the latest example of preventable violence that occurs as a result of open borders.

Source: Breitbart



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