Migrants Attack School Bus With Rocks

A bus of schoolchildren was attacked in Calais by a mob of migrants.

The harrowing incident also underlines the growing violence of migrants in Calais, who are now arming themselves and resorting to increasingly desperate methods in their attempts to reach Britain.

Terrified truckers have repeatedly warned that it is only a matter of time before someone is killed as clashes with migrants become both more heated and regular.

A photograph of the pupils posted on the school's Facebook pageFACEBOOK

The children were on their way back from a ski trip in Italy

Calais migrants clash with policeGETTY

Migrants have clashed with police amid increasingly violent scenes in the port town

The coach was carrying 35 children from Portree High School, on the Isle of Skye, and nine teachers when violent migrants pelted it with rocks early this morning.

Officials said it was fortunate none of the youngsters were hurt in the horrific attack, although one child reportedly received medical treatment after suffering an epileptic seizure in the aftermath.

Drew Millar, a local councillor on Skye, said: “My information is that the bus taking the children through Calais was attacked by migrants.

“There was damage done to the bus and they were able to continue on and were lucky no-one was injured.”

Portree High School, on the Isle of SkyeGOOGLE

The children went to Portree High School, on the Isle of Skye

Source: Express

The French government is continuing to make plans to build more migrant camps, despite the growing evidence that such camps quickly become hotbeds of crime and violence. That this does not deter French officials from their plans is worrisome, and could bring more attacks  such as happened in Paris in November of last year.

Hundreds of migrants storm port in Calais, France:



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