Migrant Rape of a 3-Year-Old Covered Up

What kind of society covers up the rape of a three year old child? This man, who was staying at an asylum in Sweden, raped a three year old girl and the center, along with the Swedish Migration Board, never called the police.  They covered up the heinous crime and moved the perpetrator to somewhere else.

But at the asylum center, the police could not get hold of the man, as he had been moved to another place, and employees at the asylum center were reluctant to tell the police of the man's new location, who he was, or any information at all.

Most, if not all of the refugee men seeking asylum in Sweden, are Muslim.  What part of this ideology allows for the raping of a child and the covering up of such an evil crime?

When such a serious crime, a rape of a three-year-old child, is being tried concealed by employees working with refugees, can you imagine how many less serious crimes they never report?

Source: SPEISA



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