Migrant Mob Shouts ‘Allahu Akhbar’ as They Torch Bus

According to the mayor of Saint-Denis, this attack was premeditated by an attempted homicide on a worker by molotov cocktails and several public buildings and businesses being set on fire.

The following year violence erupted again after a teenager was arrested for attacking a bus driver, an act witnessed by the local mayor who gave evidence to police. Protesting the conservative mayor at least 150 youths, many with baseball bats, fought with riot police for more than four hours. The mob petrol-bombed buildings and smashed the windows of the town hall before gathering outside the mayor’s house, which they pelted with bricks.

In neighbouring Gennevilliers, bus drivers’ lives are made a hell with regular stonings, attacks, and threats.

One driver, speaking anonymously, told Le Parisien: “These actions of a few individuals heavily penalize the daily lives of residents whose buses are now diverted, and peace is threatened.

“It happens especially at night … Most often, it is stone throwing. But a few months ago, a driver also had to face bullets.”

Being a bus driver over there has become more dangerous than being a police officer in America. The attacks have gotten so bad that some bus companies and routes had to be shut down completely. According to sources, the main perpetrators of the Charlie Hedbo shooting lived in the same town.

Source: bretibart.com



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