Microchip Implants to Replace Keys, Credit Cards, and Train Tickets in Sweden

A microchip implanted under your skin is soon going to replace credit cards and keys, according to Stephen Ray, director of the largest state-owned train operator company in Sweden. They have already started a program encouraging customers to scan their microchips instead of using paper tickets. This will also be better for the environment, according to people encouraging the use of microchips.

BBC News showcased the system in which Swedes are able to have their embedded chip scanned by a conductor who uses an app to match up their chip membership number with a purchased ticket.

Around 3,000 people in Sweden have already had a chip embedded in their hand in order to access secure areas of buildings.

What surprises many is how willingly people accepted getting microchips to ride the train. But, one has to keep in mind that if global warming is actually true then they likely feel forced to give up some of their personal freedoms to save the world for their children. Global warming activists say Hurricane Harvey and Irma are the fault of people for living on Earth and causing pollution.

SJ – the first travel company in the world to implement the system is north Europe’s largest train operator. The company initially expects around 200 people to join the program.

But, now we know over 3,000 people have said okay to microchips. Despite the fact that these chips don't just register your train fare. They keep a lot of your personal information on file for every uniformed attendant to check.

Despite Ray dismissing concerns about privacy, when the program was launched some customers complained that their LinkedIn profiles were appearing instead of their train tickets when conductors scanned their biometric chip.

“You could use the microchip implant to replace a lot of stuff, your credit cards, they keys to your house, the keys to your car,” Ray told the BBC.

That doesn't really make me feel safer. Does it you?

There are a lot of people out there claiming we should all want microchips. But, it is odd. If these chips were so good, why should we feel forced to do it for the good of the world? They always seem to have a guilt clause attached to the marketing campaign.

Like when NBC started telling parents that “Your kids will be microchipped, very soon”. They told parents that if they loved their children, they would make sure they're always safe and traceable by getting microchips.

I thought loving parents raised their children to listen and learn how to take care of themselves with a babysitter 24/7? Now they are telling parents to raise their kids to replace Mommy and Daddy with the government.

Microchips will make it so you can never have any privacy. That doesn't really seem like a good idea. The people in Wisconsin getting this done for their employer don't make any sense!

That is what makes some people think that microchips might signal the end of the world and the “mark of the beast'.

Concerns about the embedded microchip representing the “mark of the beast” mentioned in the bible have been expressed by many on the Christian right for over two decades.

Revelations 13:16-17 talks about every man receiving “a mark in their right hand, or in their forehead,” without which they are not able to “buy or sell”.

It is impossible to know 100% what all is really going on behind the scenes right now. But what we do know for 100% fact is microchips are starting to replace train tickets, keys and credit cards.

Here is the video about getting chipped to ride the train to work,

Source: Info Wars



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