WI Company Implanting Microchips in Employees

WI Company Implanting Microchips in Employees

A Wisconsin tech company is preparing to implant microchips into 64 employees hands come August.

The Apostle John foretold in the Book of Revelations that the Mark of the Beast would be a combination of letters and symbols embedded into a person's right hand or forehead. Many Christians who study the end times believe that the mark of the beast is going to resemble a microchip similar to what is being developed right now in Wisconsin.

This is leading some to speculate the end of the world might be near. Just watch the video on the next page on how rapidly this technology is developing. And don’t forget to note in the video how excited these employees are to get the microchips implanted. Remember how the prophets also spoke of how people would view it as an honor to receive the mark of the beast? And what do you think the reason even is for these employees gladly offering themselves up to test out these microchips? More on the next page.

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