Michelle Obama Allegedly Plotting Way Back Into White House

Michelle Obama Allegedly Plotting Way Back Into White House

The original “Mooch” is back, or more aptly put never left. Michelle Obama loves the spotlight like a hungry school child needs a good lunch.

Democrats miss having the Obamas in power. Even more, they want to win back the White House in 2020, something fierce.

Despite Kamila Harris (D-CA), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and former Vice Joe Biden all throwing their souls before the big money tycoons to gain favor aka funding for 2020 presidential run, they are no Michelle Obama and not necessarily guaranteed the famously rigged nomination.

How could this be? This lady (assuming the desired pronoun) couldn’t even put a healthy lunch together for elementary age children. What else is Michelle really known for, seriously… Affirmative Action success story?

Michelle’s Greatest (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) Accomplishment

That is where things tie right back into the story that is Barack Obama – Michelle Obama’s partner-in-crime. Michelle wants to be Beyoncé and Barack the Puppeteer-in-Chief – that is what their insatiable narcissism feeds on. What better way to “Who Run the World? Girlz” like one of Michelle’s favorite Beyoncé songs than a faux presidency as the 1st female African-American president?

Hear this out. Michelle, of course, is staying mum right now about running. But, the other groups needed to fund and trigger the fraudulent liberal path to the U.S. Presidency and New World Order are… and it’s as shocking as it is terrifying. Continue to the next page to find out more.

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