Methuen Police Department Looking to Hire Liars

The high ethical standards we might expect from our police don't always play out that way in real life. Sometimes the problem is due to a few rotten individual cops that make a whole department look bad, but if you live in Methuen, Massachusetts the problem is with the whole organization.

According to The Anti Media:

If you doubt the veracity of law enforcement officers being above the law, look no further than the Methuen Police Department. Job applicants who said they’d never arrest a fellow officer for drunk driving were given bonus points—and interviewers knocked points off for those who would.

The Massachusetts Civil Service Division found the department was using an application question meant to separate and reward honest cops in its own inventive way—by rewarding dishonesty, instead. In fact, the department admitted as much.

Methuen presented applicants with a scenario in which they arrive at the scene of a crash where the driver appeared to be intoxicated. They were asked how they would respond if the driver were an officer from neighboring town or a family member. Obviously, the answer is designed to ferret out candidates who would show bias, but Methuen was apparently actively seeking that exact quality for their force—those who said they wouldn’t arrest friends or family had their files noted: “knows discretion.”

This sets a terrible example, and is a reminder for all of those saying that individual corrupt cops spoil the reputation of a department. This makes it clear that, in this instance, special favoritism is what the department has in mind. It's more than a few cops who think their badges grant them extra rights – it's the culture of the entire department.

Source: The Anti Media



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