Meryl Streep: I am Braving “Armies of Brownshirts” to Take on Trump

The idea of celebrities dabbling in politics is a frightening one. The human mind is fragile, most seek things like books and films to escape their dismal realities or the idea of thinking about anything outside of themselves. Because of this, there's an overwhelming tendency to adopt the beliefs of others. At least that's what's been demonstrated by millennials over the course of the past two years. And despite what they might have you believe, it doesn't prove that America is full of hate. It probes that America is full of lazy people who would rather have a celebrity think for them rather then do the thinking themselves. This is why Meryl Streep is being praised by the left. She's just another talking head.

What qualifies an actor or a musician to make political statements? Absolutely nothing. A musician is somebody who whines for a living to the tune of a guitar. Yes, some of them do it well and beautifully, but most songs are full complaints or whining. Then there's actors and television personalities. They get paid to pretend to be other people and commentate on things. None of them have degrees in history or law. They're about as qualified to make political claims as a football player is join the NHL and lead a team to a Stanley Cup victory.

Back to Meryl Streep . . . it would seem that after her uniformed comments at the Gold Globes, she's doubled down on her opinions of Donald Trump. However, check out her speech on the next page. Not only is she ignorant, but she's a monument to her own vanity.




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