Merkel Makes Move That Sets Germany on Direct Path to Civil War

If you've been connecting the dots here, you've likely come to the conclusion that these cannot all be random, unrelated incidents. Turning Germany into a Muslim state is not something that just happens.  Dramatic actions are needed.

There is a very nefarious plot afoot, orchestrated by someone, with Merkel being a key player in bringing it to pass.

No one should be surprised to learn that George Soros might be involved, or even leading the effort.  And if he is involved, the nation-state is in his crosshairs as he looks to advance his globalist agenda of destroying national boundaries.

Put more bluntly, one must consider the possibility that Merkel is following a Soros-hatched plan to flood Germany with Islamic migrants in order to precipitate a civil war that would then bring foreign troops to Germany to put down the rebellion.

George Soros has been destroying the continent of Europe for some time now:

The Wall Street Journal has reported that leftist billionaire and Democratic mega-donor George Soros, a convicted insider trader, has stepped back into trading personally in recent months, betting big on his view that Europe is underestimating the cost of the current illegal immigration crisis from Muslim-majority countries – at the same time he calls for increasing that cost and acknowledges groups he underwrites are pushing to worsen that crisis, the worst since World War II.

Granting that Mr. Soros views “national borders as the obstacle,” is the protection of the overwhelmingly Muslim refugees the objective?

Mr. Soros admits that “Realistically, it will be difficult for Europe to absorb more than one million migrants,” and his view is further that:

[EU] officials have not recognized the full cost of dealing with the migration issue—the crisis. And they have a blind spot: We estimate that the cost exceeds 10 billion euros a year, and they are nowhere near this figure officially. And one of the reasons why they don’t recognize this is because they don’t know where they would find the money.

Mr. Soros states flatly that in part as a result, “The EU is on the verge of collapse,” and that “the very survival of the EU is at risk.”

Yet virtually simultaneously, Soros insists that Europe “has to accept at least a million” of the Muslim-majority illegal immigrants a year – and “cover the cost of housing health care and education for each refugee for the first two years.”

How is the civil war to be started?

First, fill the country with Islamic extremists:  Check!

Then, let them effectively take over sections of the country by permitting government by Sharia law, with the result being that the nation takes on the character of an Islamic state:  Check!

Once the Muslims are comfortable with their progress, German leadership then does something to inflame Muslim passions.  Unrest turns to civil war.

Having presided over the open border policies leading to Europe’s migrant crisis, the Cologne mass sexual assault scandal, a surge in migrant criminality and more, Mrs. Merkel appears to have had a swift change of heart and has called for a burqa ban “where legally possible”.

Speaking as her own Christian Democratic Party (CDU) voted on whether to re-elect her as leader to go forward to challenge for the German Chancellor, Mrs. Merkel vowed the migrant crisis which has been a defining feature of her administration “should never be repeated”.

Emphasising the importance of integration of the hundreds of thousands of new arrivals to Germany over the past months and the primacy of German law over “tribal rules” and Sharia codes, the Chancellor also supported a Burqa ban.

For Germans, integration means to “show your face”, she said, adding the “full face veil is not acceptable in our country” and that she believed there should be a ban “where legally possible”, reports Die Welt.

So Mrs. Merkel plans to tell these Muslims who have settled in her country that they now have to leave their Sharia law and Muslim customs at the border.

Speaking in August, German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere said: “We agree that we reject the burqa.

“We agree that we want to introduce a legal requirement to show one’s face in places where it is necessary for our society’s coexistence – at the wheel, at public offices, at the registry office, in schools and universities, in the civil service, in court”.

But Mrs. Merkel’s remarks that the burqa should be banned “where legally possible”, combined with a legal consensus that a total ban would be difficult to enact, suggests that the Chancellor’s view aligns with that of her deputy and the burqa would be banned in public buildings, schools, and courts.

If you wanted to create an insurrection in  your own country, could you think of a better way?  It's almost like all of this is following a plan — a George Soros instigated plot to cause Germany to crumble as it is absorbed into a supra-national organization that is to replace nation-states, the New World Order.

Source:  Breitbart



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