Merkel Makes Move That Sets Germany on Direct Path to Civil War

Is Angela Merkel really intent on destroying her own country?  It's clear that acting in the best interest of the German people is not part of her plan.  She has now made a final move that is sure to cause more terrorist attacks and, most likely, civil war.

Angela Merkel is undoubtedly a globalist and Marxist.  That she is working a plan that is to the detriment of her own German people is clear.  She intends to destroy her own country, and replace it with … what?

Merkel has allowed so many Muslim immigrants into her country that the government has lost count.

And now it seems that in Germany, and perhaps in other countries as well, government statistics show that more than half of last years 1.1 million applicants have simply disappeared.

This means that there are over 500,000 Islamic migrants in Germany who are unaccounted for.  And if you think average Germans are okay with this, think again.  These people are terrified by what is happening to their country.

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