Germany Loses Track of Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims

Germany Loses Track of Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims

The mass migration of Muslim “refugees” supposedly coming from the Syrian civil war has turned into a disaster for host nations.

First, such immigrants generally have no passports or paperwork indicating who they are or where they have come from. They also have nothing that proves they are refugees rather than Islamic terrorists, and the countries granting asylum such as Germany and the U.S. are asking for trouble when they admit these people in wholesale without some way of vetting them.

Think about the last time that you traveled anywhere outside of the U.S. and the tight controls and oversight you had to endure when entering a foreign country. But endure it you did, because you understood that each country must control who comes in, what their intentions are, and if they pose a threat to the citizens of that country.

But the refugee crisis has turned that system on its head. And now it seems that in Germany, and perhaps in other countries as well, government statistics show that more than half of last years 1.1 million applicants have simply disappeared.

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