Merkel Allies Warn: Avalanche Has Been Triggered, 10 Million Migrants Are Coming

Merkel Allies Warn: Avalanche Has Been Triggered, 10 Million Migrants Are Coming

Welcoming migrants from the Middle East, many fleeing civil war in Syria or other dangerous locations, sounded very noble and reasonable.  And some politicians in places like Germany and Sweden continue to welcome the waves of foreigners, with visions of younger workers coming in to support their aging and diminishing European populations and workforce.

But the numbers, the sweeping tide of humanity washing in, is beginning to generate concern, and the local European citizenry is starting to see the impact of the dramatically increasing numbers of Middle Eastern people coming across their borders.

It is becoming clear to the world that this is not a humanitarian crisis at all.  The migrants who are coming are predominantly young, male and single, and Europe is seeing an invasion, not a problem of fleeing, frightened people. The image of a conquering jihad pushing into Europe is a looming threat that cannot be ignored.

These immigrants, without the same cultural and political sensibilities as the locals, are going to create some very serious consequences. Their ability to meld into society, both in terms of work skills and habits, and social integration, are giving many people pause about the wisdom of continuing to accept these displaced Middle Easterners.

And then there is the question of religious orientation and determination. The Western view that religion and state are clearly separate is a foreign concept to these migrants, who see Sharia law as a legitimate aspiration to strive for in their newly adopted countries. Looming in the foreground is the potential for these vast numbers of immigrants to impact and even bend the current political and religious trajectory of these European countries.

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