Merkel Allies Warn: Avalanche Has Been Triggered, 10 Million Migrants Are Coming

Huge Middle Eastern Population Increases Cause Concern

Germany's Finance minister, Heinz Buschkowsky, has suggested that they can expect as many as 10 million migrants by 2020, while the current German population stands at a bit over 82 million. That is a huge percentage for a country to absorb and to provide work and sustenance, especially in a world economy that has been essentially stagnant for several years.

“This [new forecast] is quite conservative and expected”, he said.

Calculations by Buschkowsky, a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SDP), who has written extensively on mass migration, the numbers reaching Germany by 2020 including family reunifications will be between five and 10 million.

The nation is expecting up to 1.5 million this year alone. The numbers began to rise sharply immediately after Angela Merkel promised to suspend the Dublin agreement in August, and “welcome” any migrant who could make it across the German borders.

Mr. Buschkowsky, who is the former Mayor of the Neukölln borough of Berlin, which has a large immigrant population, went on to highlight the intractable problems caused by such a massive influx from the Middle East.

He spoke of a lack of understanding for gender equality and the separation of church and state, and the difficulties of language acquisition and disruption within the labor market.

With strong words for those trivialising the migration debate with empty platitudes, he blasted: “This social romanticism, these beautiful speeches, for someone who comes from experience is very difficult to bear”.

Even Ms. Merkel is having second thoughts about the magnanimous gesture of almost unlimited immigration, and there are many, even in her own party, who are raising the potential of ousting her as Chancellor of Germany for not recognizing the tremendous disruption and even danger represented by allowing such a massive influx of migrants into the country.









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